A site installer is a tool which permits you to pick the most appropriate script-driven program for your new Internet site based on its function. In contrast to a script installer that only enables you to set up a certain app with a couple of clicks, a website installer gives you more options to choose a script that will fulfil your requirements in terms of the kind of site that you would like to build without researching ahead of time what each script is suitable for. If you aren't very tech-savvy, this type of a software instrument will save you time and work and will allow you to set up a beautiful, fully-functional Internet site within seconds, so that you can start adding your content through the script admin area. In this way, you can build your web presence without any hassle and have the website that you want straight away - an Internet store, an image gallery, a blog, and so forth.
Website Installer in Web Hosting
We offer you an Internet site installer with every web hosting package we offer and you'll be able to access it through your Hepsia hosting CP with simply a few clicks. The software instrument is rather easy to use - pick a domain and the type of the website that you would like to have, enter the login credentials whichyou want to use for the back office and you shall be all set. You will have a huge number of templates to pick from during the process, so you'll be able to save hundreds of dollars on web design services since you can create a professional site within minutes and at no extra cost. The templates that will appear depend on the kind of website you have picked and this way you'll be able to develop a general-purpose Internet site, a blog, a web-based store or a photo gallery with minimal efforts.
Website Installer in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We offer a website installer as part of the custom Hepsia hosting CP which is included with all semi-dedicated hosting plans. This tool shall permit you to set up a website with just several mouse clicks using an extremely user-friendly interface. You'll not experience any problems due to the fact that all you will need to do will be to select a domain hosted in your account, select a template for it, and set the login details for the website admin area. Since we offer over a thousand templates for various sorts of websites, you could have a beautiful, professionally-looking website within just minutes and you shall save lots of money on web design or on paid templates from third-party websites. You could search the templates by type, so if you wish to launch an e-commerce site, for example, you can view just relevant themes and not ones for an image gallery or a blog.
Website Installer in VPS Hosting
We offer a website installer with all virtual private servers which are ordered with the Hepsia CP. The software instrument offers the exact same easy-to-use interface as Hepsia, thus you shall be able to set up a website with only a few clicks and with no hassle. As soon as you access the installer, you'll be able to pick any one of your domain names and the type of site that you would like to have, and the tool shall offer you hundreds of wonderful themes to pick from. A minute later your new site will be up and running, so you can log into its back office and begin adding content - items for an Internet store or posts for a blog, for example. Not only shall the website installer allow you to launch a website on your VPS easily, but it'll also save you a great deal of money since you will not need to spend anything on website design services.
Website Installer in Dedicated Web Hosting
When you obtain one of our dedicated server packages and the machine is set up with the Hepsia web hosting CP, you'll be able to employ our in-house made site installer and launch a new site in a matter of minutes through an extremely intuitive interface. You could use the software tool irrespective of your level of experience simply because all it requires to set up a website through it is to pick a domain or a subdomain hosted on the server, select a template from the 1000+ templates which we provide 100 % free to our clients, and then to enter the password and username that you'd like to use to enter the site admin area where you'll be able to add and update the website content. The installer shall do just about everything that most web designers do, but you won't need to spend lots of money to have a professionally-looking website.