The disk space feature displays the overall amount of data that you're able to have on your web hosting server at any time. With a personal computer, for instance, this is the capacity of your hard drive or the full volume of all hard disks in the event that the computer has more than a single one. The same way that your space on a home machine is shared between installed computer software, documents, music etc, the server disk space is ordinarily shared between internet site files, databases and e-mail messages. Each file, folder and email requires a little storage space on the server, so you should think about multiple factors, not only the size of the files that you will upload. To give an example, having larger e-mail attachments or using a script-driven internet site where the user-generated data is kept in a database will also affect the space you use.
Disk Space in Web Hosting
All of our web hosting packages were designed with the idea that limited disk space cannot be something that can limit the progress of your web sites. That's why we've used a technique which is more advanced than the one that most website hosting suppliers take - instead of creating countless accounts using one server and subsequently not having enough disk space, we employ a cloud hosting platform in which the storage is handled by a wide cluster of servers. In this way, we can always connect more machines when they're required and more hard drives, in order to provide you with extra disk space for all of the files of our clients. Separate clusters control the e-mail messages and your databases, therefore not only can you increase the size of your websites without having to worry about hdd space, but also all of the servers will perform faster and better owing to the fact that every single service features its own storage space and an individual server doesn't handle various types of files.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you acquire a semi-dedicated server package from our firm, you will not need to concern yourself with the storage space that you can use because of the basic reason that the attribute is unrestricted. Unlike many other hosting companies who advertise an identical service, yet generate accounts on a single machine where only so much hdds can be connected, we take advantage of an innovative cloud system that employs clusters of servers. Your files will be located on one cluster, the email messages on another, your databases on a third one and so on. This kind of platform provides at least two important advantages - first, the disk space will not finish since we can attach extra servers to any cluster that requires them, and second, the servers will function much more smoothly for they will handle just a single type of processes. A semi-dedicated server package provides you the flexibility to expand your websites as much as you'd like.
Disk Space in VPS Hosting
Our virtual private servers have disk space allocations proportional to the processing power that you receive with every package. With a higher plan, for example, it is more likely that you will host multiple domains or a single large website, hence your hdd storage grows as you upgrade the package. When you pick our Hepsia hosting Control Panel, all domains will share the storage space, and if you select cPanel or DirectAdmin, you can generate independent hosting accounts and allocate a fixed amount of the whole VPS storage space for every individual domain. You will even be able to allot hard disk storage from one domain to another when necessary. When you start with a given VPS package and you require further space in the future, you can update to a greater plan with just a couple of mouse-clicks from your billing area. The additional system resources will be included in your current plan without any downtime or content migration.
Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting
All of our Linux dedicated web hosting come with several hard drives in order to match the computing power you'll get, so that you'll never have to worry for running out of hard disk storage. The hard disks can function in RAID, which means a drive can function as a mirror of another one so as to make sure that all of your info will be protected, or it can be used independently for even bigger full storage capability. Hundreds of gigabytes of hdd storage will be available at all times, so that you can manage enormous sites, upload enormous files or even keep a copy of your archive. As a dedicated server is the most powerful form of hosting, you will be able to upload/download files with very quick speeds. When required, we also provide the option to add more drives and make use of even more storage for your content. We provide 3 hosting Control Panels with our dedicated servers - using Hepsia, all your domains will share the entire server space and will be operated in one place, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin you'll have the alternative to create separate website hosting accounts with certain disk space quotas for every domain hosted on the server.